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Re: What I Don't Like About the USS Kelvin

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One question, why exactly cant the saucer separate - did you get that from the film or your imagination?
He made it up. The argument of " Matt Jeffries intended" is absolutely mute considering...

1. Matt Jeffries is dead.
2. Matt Jeffries did not design the Kelvin.
3. Matt Jeffries is dead.

His entire post is basically grasping at straws because it doesn't conform to 1960's standards.

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Uh oh; I think you have found something I could agree with. Poor George. Auto pilot has been "destroyed." That was a weird way of putting it; they usually say disabled or something. Destroyed is pretty emotive for a computer.
Did anyone notice though that George programmed the collision course which apparently was gonna last about 30-60 seconds, and then 'just sat back' to talk to Winonna, while the ship followed the course (which wasn't a straight line either)? It seemed like his presence was unnecessary for that last stretch or am I just reading the situation wrong?
I gathered he was staying to buy enough time for all of the shuttles to escape and to make sure the Kelvin made it long enough to ram the Narada. There may not have been too much he could do, but had he tried to run to a shuttle he never would have been able to program the collision course and the Narada would have swapped the shuttles off like flies.
^^^ My thoughts exactly!

TBH - I think the Kelvin was awesomeness personified!!!!

Infact - the only thing wrong with it, was that the Narada got in it's way...
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