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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

happydave wrote: View Post
Actually it shouldn't. This is how we end up with stagnating development as well as an entire messy situation. Being a software developer, I've seen first hand trying to develop new projects with an existing system in place and to actually merge the old system into the new while making the new one as good as it can be is impossible. It's how we get left with terrible operating systems which 'need' backwards compatability.

In the end we get poor technology whose limitation was only left in due to an older system. Imagine if CDs were all the same size and as fragile as records. Which means we'd have DVDs which were the same, and the audio quality could never increase due to physical limitations of the gramophone.

The logical step is to infact scrap the entire system each time you're going to overhaul it. It makes more financial sense on the part of the company, and you're free to make the best piece of technology you can AND you don't have the limitations of the existing software.

To put in 3-4 generations of old technology in one system generally leads to more bugs and faults and a much harder to use piece of technology.
Actually that's not at all what I meant. And here I thought my example with the gramophone recording was pretty plausible. Having CDs (and later DVDs) the size of vinyl records is stupid. And of course I'm not arguing that. But the CD would be a rather redundant storing device if everything that was recorded well before its invention would have to be re-recorded in order to be playable with it.

But that's exactly what some people are suggesting here: That the effects of Deep Space Nine must be re-done or else it can't be released on future formats. And I find that to be a rather flawed logic. Again, I'm all for the perfection of picture and sound quality, but not to the point where the source material actually has to be replaced.

GodBen wrote: View Post
But as far as I'm concerned there's no problem with remastering DS9, why should there be? I already have the whole show on DVD as it originally aired (except for the R2 cuts in To The Death) so it doesn't effect me if somebody wants to buy a HD version of the show with recreated effects. The stories will be the same, the characters will be the same, and if the special effects really don't matter to enjoy the show then why should it matter if they're updated to full HD?
I guess my problem with re-doing the effects of television shows is rather philosphical in nature. I do recognize that Deep Space Nine is merely a piece of entertainment. So, all it really has to do is entertain. And if some people think new effects would advance the level of entertainment, well, more power to them.

It's just that I have trouble getting behind that kind of mentality. The effects originally created for Deep Space Nine are indeed very good ones (well, in my opinion at least). And they are very much a part of the series. They are also a product of its time, which is something I appreciate.

I mean, where does this all lead us? What if at some point in the future yet another standard for picture quality comes around? What if the perception of what constitues a good special effect changes yet again in the future? I guess my point is, that an entertainment product shouldn't be changed just to adapt to the latest notion of what people consider visually pleasing.

So, while I can accept that this will eventually happen (if not necessarily to Deep Space Nine) and that it's okay, since it's really just a television show, I still don't understand why anyone would want the show to change in order to look better to eyes accustomed to high definition images.

Captain Fine wrote: View Post
But at the bare minimum, GLARING mistakes should be corrected.

Defiant-2's registry should be NCC-75633. Riker's line about Yamato's registry being "1305-E" should be redone as NCC-71807 (while he's still alive!). "Brittain" should be fixed to "Brattain". "Melbourne" should be a Nebula-class ship as it was originally. Etc. Etc.
No offense, Captain Fine, but that perfectly illustrates the mentality I fail to understand. None of these are 'GLARING mistakes' in my opinion. They don't distract from the viewing experience at all. In fact I love these kind of oddities, since they enable another level of enjoyment for those engaging in the details of the shows.
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