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Re: Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

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hyzmarca, I was thinking about the events in Superman II after I wrote my entry. Since Supes and Lois had sex when Supes was human, if Lois became pregnant, wouldn't that mean the kid would be human?
Supers was never human. The red sunlight chamber just suppressed his powers, it didn't change his DNA.

Supes wouldn't have knocked boots with Lois after, because at that point he already made a commitment to be Superman first and Clark second, to give up on the possibility of simple human happiness for the sake of the world. That's the whole reason he erased her memories. And there's also the Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex problem, in which his orgasm is likely to kill her. There is a reason they didn't have sex until after his powers were suppressed.
Fair enough, but the movie makes it 100% clear on what happened to Supes. Did it change his DNA? Or just get rid of his powers? Or is it simply the same thing? We don't know. The movie never went into this and, honestly, didn't really need to.

Also, we don't know how much time passed between Superman II and Superman leaving. The way Lois acts in SR (when talking to Clark while waiting for a cab) makes it sound like Lois and Supes were some sort of item. If Supes reasserted himself to being protector of the world, wouldn't he, logically, pull away from Lois (being Clark, notwithstanding)?

Also, we don't know what Singer and his writers actually "counted" from the previous two movies into their back story for SR. Supes decision to forget his happiness and be Earth's protector seems to be contradictory to how he acts at the beginning towards Lois (then again, old habits die hard, especially if you haven't had to oppertunity to expore them in five years).

Truth is, there is a lot of "we don't knows" when it comes to the background to Superman Returns. Sometimes I wonder if it was a disservice to the movie when Singer said that some elements from the first two movies make up the backstory for SR, but never explaining which elements he was referring to.

Interesting side note: in the Donner cut of Superman II, Superman and Lois do the deed before he loses his powers.

Another intersting side note: I still haven't gone to bed yet!
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