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Re: Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

hyzmarca, I was thinking about the events in Superman II after I wrote my entry. Since Supes and Lois had sex when Supes was human, if Lois became pregnant, wouldn't that mean the kid would be human?

My theory kinda banks on the thought that Superman and Lois knocked boots some time after the events in Superman II.

Also, I don't think the whole "Superman: The Movie & Superman II took place before Superman Returns" really holds a lot of water other than "Hey, we didn't do an origin movie. You want one, go see the Donner films as we kinda pay homage to them." I remember Singer said the pervious two movies provide a vague background to SR. It is kinda hard to figure out what "happend" and what didn't.

JacksonArcher, you totally get what I am saying. It does put all of the characters in a better light and add more depth to the movie, if Lois told Richard Jason's father. Whether that was the intention or not, Singer never goes into the dynamics and spells it out for us. He doesn't have to, mind you. He probably wanted us as an audience for us to ponder about it (and he probably also planned to go into more detail in his now-not-going-to-happen sequel). However, leaving it deliberately ambiguous also gave the movie a lot of (admittingly, somewhat justified) negative criticism.

Another point I touched upon but didn't go into that gives some further evidence to my theory has to do with Jason saying "I'm sorry" to Lois after he pushes the piano.

hen Jason throws the pianio, Lois doesn't really give a "Oh my God; what the fuck?!!?!" reaction. Her reaction seems very mundane for what should have been a very surprising moment for her. Also a few moments later, she asks Jason to help get out of that room they were locked in (indicating that she very well knows of his strength.

The way Jason says "I'm sorry" and Lois's non-reaction to that leaves me to indicate that Jason was told not use what powers he has (strength, speed, whatever). Add that to earlier in the movie when Richard talks about Jason's report card where he got a "D" in gym class, it hints to Jason being told to not use his abilities. Richard, being the dad, would almost have to know about this. Jason is, what, four years old? For him to keep a big secret like that from his dad would be impossible. Also, the fact that Richard reports the "D" with almost no concern whatsoever, fuels my suspicions.

Sorry, if my paragraphs are worded strangely. I am very tired and probably should be sleeping. The joys of being a teacher - you get summers off where you can screw up your sleep schedule!
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