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Re: Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

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so you are suggesting that Richard was aware that the baby was not his, and was quite happy for Lois to spend time with the guy who was, there is a word for men like Richard.
I am not exactly sure what you are getting at, but no, not exactly.

I am suggesting that Richard knew that the Jason was Superman's son (ie. Lois told him somewhere along the lines). Because Richard, being Jason's father, wants the best for the kid, he wants Lois to deal with the issues she has with Superman.

Lois has a lot of emotional baggage in this situation. Her and Superman were in some sort of relationship and he left, presumably right around the time she learned she was pregnant. She became angry and rightfully so. But she moved on with her life and, from how I interpret the movie, simply doesn't have the same feelings for him anymore.

Superman comes back after several years. Those old angry feelings are going to come up again. But now, it is a little more complicated as there is a kid in the picture, one Superman doesn't know about.

Richard knows this is a touchy situation. Judging from the way his character is portrayed in the movie, he strikes me as a good father. Lois, as written, seems to be a good mom as well. I think they both realize that they will need Superman involved in Jason's life.

In order for that to happen, Lois is going to need either get over or learn to deal with issues towards Superman. My belief is that Richard realizes this and wants her to face those issues. For this to happen, she needs to "confront" (for lack of a better term) Superman.
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