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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

Hermiod wrote: View Post
^Scotty the Adulterer is about the first interesting thing ever to happen to the character.

I think a few people forget how Jean was behaving when it started, too.
You do realize that "Scotty the Adulterer" is an (unfortunate) history of his, right? I mean, I love Cyclops, but it's kinda hard to ignore the fact that he has an unhappy history with telepaths. It sucks, because otherwise Slim is pretty much a paragon of virtue, but not an annoying paladin-type.

"I LOOVE you Madeline, let's get married and have a baby."
"No wait, Jean's back, I LOOOVE her, I'm leaving you."

Wiki says it best:
"When he married Madelyne Pryor, Scott had thought he had found a replacement for Jean. Over time however, he realized that while Maddie looked like Jean, it was not her emotionally. Scott then began to emotionally distance himself, while fixating unhealthily on Jean. Scott would later leave Maddie and their child, upon hearing of Jean's return." (emphasis mine)

And blaming Jean for Scott's infidelity is weak sauce and classic blame-the-woman thinking. What makes it worse is he tried to excuse it because it's telepathic and therefore not real. The hell? Buddy, your wife is a telepath!

Leaving aside that though, the Scott/Jean romance is in the Top Five Ever of superhero stories, so how can you say breaking that up is the first interesting thing to happen to the character? Did you enjoy breaking up Peter/MJ also?

Thrall wrote: View Post
Well, yeah, they would keep him around. He brought in a lot of the glitter vamps who would never read a Captain America book normally.
You mock, but Marvel could use some of those so-called "glitter vamps" if you want any sort of readership even approaching pop-culture levels instead of the tiny, sad shell of what it once was. Just look at what "Star Trek" has done for the cultural awareness (let alone perception) of this very board's subject matter!

Newski wrote: View Post
How about they create a character not based on the archetypes, and let the character develop?
You mean like working with your archetypical brainwashed assassin, letting him grow and develop into the man he could have been? Letting him struggle internally, trying hard to live up to the ideals of his once-mentor - and pretty much succeeding? You mean that sort of development, where a pitiless killer pulls himself up by his bootstraps into an actual hero?
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