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Superman Returns: Did Richard Know?

I am probably opening up a can of worms here, but oh well. Also, sorry about the long post, but I needed to explain fully to make total sense.

I just watched Superman Returns for the first time in a few years. I love that movie. I know others don't, but I think it's great. However, something hit me for the first time that could really change one's perspective of the movie.

As we know, Jason is Superman's kid with Lois. Superman, of course, didn't know he was his kid (let alone knowing that Lois was pregnant before he left) until the very end of the movie.

On these forums (and I suspect elsewhere), there is a huge debate on whether or not that Lois knew that Jason was Superman's kid. Personally, I'm inclined to think that she did. For one, how could she not? And for two, when Lois and Jason are locked in the ship (after Jason throws the piano), Lois isn't very surprised that Jason threw the piano and Jason looks at Lois, says "I'm sorry" like any kid would if he did something he was told not to. Add that to the bit on how Lois reacts to Lex's questioning of Jason's father, I'm pretty sure she knew that Jason was Superman's kid.

This theory above: old news. Here is my new take: did Richard know that Jason was Superman's kid?

Here are the facts the movie gives us. Jason, Lois, and Richard refer to Jason and Richard's relationship being father and son. Very clearly, Richard helped raise Jason. This is pretty much stated in the movie.

I am inclined to believe that Richard knew that he is not Jason's biological dad. I believe this for two reasons. 1) I highly doubt Singer would intentionally want to pain Lois Lane, a classic and beloved character, in a bad light. 2) Just because Richard isn't biologically related to Jason, doesn't mean that he isn't his father. I have known people in very similar situations as Jason in the movie to refer to the man that raised them as their father (even if there was no biological connection).

Also, the movie shows Richard very willing for Lois to explore what she feels about Superman. They have that conversation on whether or not she loved him; and he willingly helps with the Superman article. However, more tellingly, he openly suggests and drives Lois down to the hospital to see Superman to the point that it he is encouraging her to see him ("You're Lois Lane. They'll let you in.").

Particularly on that last point, why would he do this? Lois has given no indication to Richard that she still desires to be with Superman. Even if she did, this would be an odd move for a finance to make.

Thus we come back to my main point: Did Richard know that Jason was Superman's kid? While Richard shows some mild jealousy (like how any guy would when his girlfriend's old flame returns), he never acts threatened by Superman's return. If Richard knew the truth behind Jason, that changes the perspective of how he and, to an extent, Lois act in the movie. I think Richard is open to let Lois deal with whatever feelings or issues she has with Superman because it is important for Jason. Also, for Superman's case, I think Richard would be open so Superman will learn he has a child.

Am I making sense here? Do you think I have a valid claim that Richard knows? Or am I way off base?

One thing I do ask is can we please refrain from the "Deadbeat Dad" issue. This is not what the post is about and I don't want to see it taken there.
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