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Question: Looking for "Star Trak" youtube mashup!

Good evening, everyone.

This is my first post here at this forum, and while this probably isn't the most substantial conversational topic... it's something that I've been searching for for a while and can't seem to find!

Anyone here remember a particularly hilarious Trek mashup released a year or so ago that featured a hillbilly-ish-themed version of TOS entitled "Star Trak"? If I'm not mistaken, the music the creator used was the Raising Arizona theme with the highpitched yodeling. I also remembered a shot of the Enterprise flying over a barn and hickishly dubbed dialogue (paraphrasing: Spock rattles off techno babble and finishes with "we should explore the planet surface, if ya 'ant to.")

I've searched on youtube using various keywords but can't seem to find it!

Thanks in advance, and I'd like to say that it's really great to be here.

*ahem* It's really great to be here!

sorry... but Steve Martin fans will enjoy that reference.

- J.
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