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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

Professor, that washed-out nebula/dust field is fantastic! It really stands out and adds drama to the space shots.

CuttingEdge100 wrote: View Post
One thing I never quite understood...

The doomsday machine could blow a planet up with one shot... the Constellation and Enterprise absorbed multiple shots from this ship...

Does that mean the Constitution ship could absorb more damage than a planet?
CuttingEdge, I don't think the planet killer could destroy a planet with one shot ... from the dialog, it was suggested the ship sliced chunks out of planets, so I assume it hung over a planet, hitting it with that beam over and over until the planet was rubble. Remember, the stranded crew called Decker, begged him to rescue them from the planet's surface, but he was helpless.

I also suspect that the beam fired by the machine was too big to hit a starship with its full force. The planet killer's beam was intended to carve up planets, not starships, and most of the weapon's energy -- even on a direct hit -- simply flashes past harmlessly.
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