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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Please don't showboat any more in this thread.
Damn, I may as well just give up this thread right now. But I've already done that once this week.

Timeless (****)

Miracles do happen. Sometimes a person finds a winning lottery ticket discarded on the street. Sometimes a plane can crash-land on water with no casualties. Sometimes a woman will agree to sleep with me before I get to chance to spike her drink with rohypnol.

But the rarest miracle of all is a great Harry Kim episode.

There's really only one thing which holds me back from giving this episode the full five stars, and that thing is the non-explanation about the slipstream drive and why they can't use it to take several big "hops" back to the AQ. Everything else about this episode was pretty great; the characterisation of future Harry, the juxtaposition of the story in the future with the story in the "present", Voyager's crash-landing. And even though there is a big reset button ending the episode makes the reset satisfying, unlike Year of Hell where the reset detracted from the episode.

But this episode has one huge flaw; it treats history as though it were a single strand, and everybody knows that when you change history you create an alternate timeline like the ones Worf visited in Parallels. This is all explained by quantum mechanics which is the most awesome scientific theory of all time, even beating out evolution via natural selection. There's no reason for Kim and Chakotay to sacrifice themselves to save Voyager because Voyager already survived in another timeline. I don't know how the writers thought they were going to get away with this pitiful excuse of a time-travel concept.

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