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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

Hmm... that's a good point. They're complete asses at the best of times. I couldn't get over Weyoun threatening not to give Ometi'klan and his men their White on time, knowing what it would do to them. Cruel. And I guess if the Vorta demanded it, the Jem'Hadar would do it. It just struck me when I saw it as if the Jem'Hadar had respect for the Vorta, which they really don't, they just obey them. Stupid Vorta.

I think I'll save that one to tell him then! He seems like a pretty good guy in person!

Ahh... yes. And they need that. I can't imagine the Jem'Hadar being above just sending down a torpedo or two, instead of worrying about friendly fire.

Sorry I've been so busy, agreed to do some screenwriting... O.O
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