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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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Well, at least they'll bring back Classic Cap..... I'm tired of the "new" Captain America... You know, the one who uses a gun, totally defeating the entire purpose of a Superhero in the first place?
Plenty of superheroes use firearms; heck, Cap himself has in the past (particularly the Golden Age).

And Bucky hardly ever uses the gun, in any event; and when he has, he's shot to wound.

That was then. When they brought back Steve Rogers, they brought him back as the character we know and love today.

Other heroes use guns. But that's besides the point. This is Captain America. The reason he doesn't use a gun is because he is a man at his peak, using his wits against the enemies of Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy (He's loyal to his country's ideals more than the country, which is why I like him). Using a gun has brought him down to the level of the common soldier.

Don't kid yourself. He was supposed to be the hip, edgy Captain America. Armed with a dark and tortured past - not mention emo-hair - he'd make the world safe for Twilight fans everywhere. Oh, and something about freedom and justice in there somewhere too.
Thrall, I like you..... This is exactly what they were going for... Trying to make a new edgy anti hero.... Because hey, that sells.... How about they create a character not based on the archetypes, and let the character develop? Anyway, while we are talking about the anti heroes....
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