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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

Thrall wrote: View Post
Bucky is awful, awful, awful and is a perfect representation of what is wrong with the creative mentality over at Marvel. Or should I say lack there of. If I wanted a second-rate Cable clone, I would have read X-Man.
Have you actually read any of his stories? He's nothing like Cable.

Anyway, not surprised. Brubaker's run has been one big series of successes, so I expect his Reborn miniseries will be no different (and I'll be interested to see Hitch working with someone other than Millar for the first time since, er, I guess The Authority).
Newski wrote: View Post
Well, at least they'll bring back Classic Cap..... I'm tired of the "new" Captain America... You know, the one who uses a gun, totally defeating the entire purpose of a Superhero in the first place?
Plenty of superheroes use firearms; heck, Cap himself has in the past (particularly the Golden Age).

And Bucky hardly ever uses the gun, in any event; and when he has, he's shot to wound.
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