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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

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Yes, they were exposing 1:37:1. What I meant was, they were not filming widescreen. I was a little confused by what your blue area represented. 1.37:1 gives you a little extra, but it's close to the television aspect (1.33:1). The TNG footage in the Enterprise finale is *cropped* on the top and bottom in order to fit the 16x9 Enterprise frame. There was never a 1.78:1 version of TNG, which is what you'd need for 16x9, unless you're okay with extending the sides and cropping the top and bottom like that for every scene.
Right, that's what I'm saying... a 1.78:1 image IS possible and Marvin Rush (DP on TNG in 1990 and on ENT in 2005) thought that this framing was acceptable -- for at least this one shot. So they may, stress may, have been protecting for widescreen following the original 16:9 Action Plan instituted in the early 1990s. Either 1.85 or 1.78.

It's a stretch, I admit... but it is possible. They are doing this same thing with Seinfeld on TBS in HD:
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