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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

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^Scotty the Adulterer is about the first interesting thing ever to happen to the character.

I think a few people forget how Jean was behaving when it started, too.
Go read Dark Phoenix Saga, The Simonson's X-Factor run, or X-Cutioners Song and get back to me on that, fanboy.

Well, at least they'll bring back Classic Cap..... I'm tired of the "new" Captain America... You know, the one who uses a gun, totally defeating the entire purpose of a Superhero in the first place?
Bucky is awful, awful, awful and is a perfect representation of what is wrong with the creative mentality over at Marvel. Or should I say lack there of. If I wanted a second-rate Cable clone, I would have read X-Man.
"Spider-Man doesn't have fans. He has people who follow him. Like Jesus. Now I have fans! People who adore and worship every little thing I do or say. Like David Koresh. Or The Jonas Brothers."
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