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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

Films I've seen within the last year (2008-2009) for the first time:

Freaks (Saw it last October. It's easily the most unique film ever made for its cast alone. The film puts its deformed cast in an sympathetic light. The viewers are firmly on their side. When they feel pain, you feel it. The ultimate story of the outsider. I have a great appreciation for the people in this historic and infamous cult film. "One of us!")

Goya's Ghosts (Miloš Forman already directed the greatest period film ever, Amadeus. From that, you know what he is capable of and the period backdrop is similarly choreographed with Spain instead of Prague. While not as amazing as his masterpiece, this film is solid and well-done. Loved the teensy Mozart shout-out. Forman's asylum motif from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Amadeus and now this is intact. Stellan was great. Javier was genuinely creepy at being so grossly immoral.)

Låt Den Rätte Komma In (One of the most unique and haunting films I've seen. This is how a vampire film should be made. It's also a strong example of foreign films branching out into the fantasy genre and being able to compete. The film is dark in the sense that the protagonist's story is one of becoming a willing accomplice to murder after victimization by cruel school children. Eli created a new companion and helper out of Oskar. I also like how the vampire effects and rules were done. And of course, there's the hint at androgynous Eli's origins and being an immortal genderless and incomplete 12-year-old. You almost want to see the remake just to see how they're going to deal with that! Lena Leandersson was very impressive.)

17 Again (Actually not quite as horrible as I thought it would be. It is slightly ripped off of Back to the Future--especially the daughter flirting with the father in his young body scenes, which were very Marty/Lorraine. Efron is actually starting to look like an adult male. This was definitely an attempt at a non-Disney film, however, the abstinence message, which I agree with, was overblown and made him really sound like a middle-aged loser father. Speaking of which, the older version was grossly miscast. I watched it mostly for Michelle Trachtenberg. I sit through the occasional crap movie for Jossverse alumni.)

Twilight (I watched it like the derivative *sparkly* train wreck I knew it was and which half the people I know just mock endlessly. The acting is more abysmal than even horrible writing could possibly be. The only redeeming parts involved the evil trio and the quirky Cullens. Edward and Bella and the actors playing them were AWFUL! Unwatchable! My bleeding eyeballs! Enough of vampires in daylight. I hate this pansy new trend. And for God's sake, if you're going to do good vampires, don't make them glitter and sparkle! Let them keep some dignity in being dark, tormented and ambiguous. And I can't get over the stupid idea that Bella gets everything that she wants and becomes a vampire. That goes against everything the vampire-who-hates-what-he-is concept is about.)

Star Trek (Best movie of the year. I love it. Inspired a big crush on Zachary Quinto.)

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