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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

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  • The Green area represents the 35mm TV transmitted area -- the image we have on the DVDs (this scene is from "Menage a Troi.")
  • The Red area represents a Super 35mm 16x9 transmitted area -- the image you saw a glimpse of in the Enterprise episode "These Are The Voyages."
  • The Blue area represents the full 35mm camera aperture. This area is of course black because I don't have access to the actual film element.
Except TNG was filmed at 1.37:1; not the whole of a 35mm frame. That would give you about 12.33x9, not 16x9. There really isn't anything extra past your red and green areas.
On the contrary, the fact that the red and green areas exist is prima facie evidence (to me anyway) that the blue area must have been fully exposed. It's the only way the two red and green images can co-exist. It's evidence that for at least this one shot from "Menage a Troi" and perhaps the whole series from season three onward, that they were exposing a full 35mm camera aperture, aka "Super 35mm" (the blue area) which is 1.37:1. The green area is the 1.33:1 they extracted for the video telecine in 1990. THAT area appears on the DVD sets.

Did you look at the Panavision PDF I provided a link to? Look at the last 35mm format. That's what they exposed on the film negative in 1990. The first one that says "35mm 4 perf" on the left is the area they extracted for telecine and editing. The fourth 35mm one from the bottom, the one labeled 1.78:1, is the area that Marvin Rush (the DP) went back and extracted from the original negative for the final episode of Enterprise, "These Are The Voyages."

The area you are suggesting -- the red and green areas taken together -- only adds up to an aspect ratio of 1.59:1, which is a non standard aspect ratio.
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