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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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Would you rag on CD players because they can't play gramophone records?
Actually yes, I would. Of course it won't be able to play a gramophone record. But what's the use of a CD player if it can't play back a musical piece that was originally recorded for replay on the gramophone? That doesn't make any damn sense. Every new technology should logially be downwardly compatible with older media forms.
You're serious?? That is retarded.
No, it isn't. If you get a new TV, do want to have to throw away every video you ever owned and buy all new? Don't you want your video of VHS, DVD, HD to all at least show up?

You can transfer your cassettes to CD for instance, and remove the hiss. It'd be pretty annoying if you had to replace all your older forms of music. You might do it anyway to get some of the stuff made in better quality, though.
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