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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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Would you rag on CD players because they can't play gramophone records?
Actually yes, I would. Of course it won't be able to play a gramophone record. But what's the use of a CD player if it can't play back a musical piece that was originally recorded for replay on the gramophone? That doesn't make any damn sense. Every new technology should logially be downwardly compatible with older media forms.

In the same vein, why do I need the new HD technology, if it cannot display a show that wasn't meant for high definition viewing?

And frankly, I'm surprised so many people are dissatisfied with the effects of Deep Space Nine. Maybe it's just me, but I never really watched the show for the effects. Never was there one instance where a supposedly bad effect brought me out of the story. (I would also argue that this would be the story's fault.)
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