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Re: HELP fellow James Bond fans

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No, that was his worst. His best was Moonraker. Then The Spy Who Loved Me, then The Man With The Golden Gun. Of all the Bond actors, Moore has the singular distinction of both coming in, and going out on bad films. Although, even A View to a Kill was better than Live and Let Die. Ugh.
What's wrong with a Live and Let Die?

I would agree that Bond's tend to go out on less than stellar entries (except Lazenby who went out on a high, and maybe Dalton)
I just hate stories revolving around weird voodoo shit.

But since you mention Dalton, I gotta say, unlike Moore, he didn't make a bad movie. The Living Daylights was his best (and the best Bond movie in creation), but Licence to Kill was good too.
Can't really disagree with you there, The Living Daylights is probably my favourite after OHMSS, and while Licence is flawed, I still like it.
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