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Re: Captain America... Spoilers

I'm just a little disappointed that they didn't bring him back right away if they were going to bring him back at all. I mean sure the "OMG they killed CAP!" wouldn't have been as shocking, but given how Tony was acting and how the whole MU was at that point, Cap's death was needed really. And to be honest... not to make yet another Batman quote, Bucky isn't the Cap we needed, but the Cap the MU deserved. It needed a Cap more willing to do the "dirty deeds" while trying to uphold truth, justice and the American Way.

While yes, I miss Steve Rogers, I am not entirely turned off by the Bucky-Cap either. I think its still pretty fuckin' cool how they merged Buck with Black Widow, boy that woman has had more husbands and lovers than Liz Taylor! But at least it gives Cap a worthy female counterpart, one that isn't upstaged when you see her fighting along side Cap.

I do hope that maybe Steve doesn't retake the mantle right away when he comes back, heck, I'd love to see him force Osborn out and take HAMMER away and replace it with a new SHIELD. I always did wonder why Cap never evolved into say "General" America or something by this point - or even Colonel America. I always assumed that Captain was his military rank.
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