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Re: Borg vs kenetic weapons

Federation forcefields are immediately effective against both directed energy weapons and projectiles. And we have yet to see an "individual" forcefield. Perhaps because the energy consumption is too big?

The borg drones' protection field takes time to adapt to every threat - but when it does adapt, it becomes practically impervious. And it seems to have trouble adapting to projectiles and hand to hand combat - we have yet to see it adapting to these attacks. Plus, it can be mounted on a drone.

That's sufficient evidence to confirm that the technologies are quite different.

I suppose the borg will ultimately adapt to projectile weapons by making drones with a thicker physical armour or by utilizing a different technology for the drones' energy fields.

Of course, a borg cube is a different matter - there is a HUGE difference between its shields and the shield of a drone.
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