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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

For those of you who are interested, here's an example of how TNG was filmed in-camera as far back as the third season (at least) when Marvin Rush took over as Director of Photography (I'm pretty sure Jonathan West continued this practice in seasons 6 & 7):

  • The Green area represents the 35mm TV transmitted area -- the image we have on the DVDs (this scene is from "Menage a Troi.")
  • The Red area represents a Super 35mm 16x9 transmitted area -- the image you saw a glimpse of in the Enterprise episode "These Are The Voyages."
  • The Blue area represents the full 35mm camera aperture. This area is of course black because I don't have access to the actual film element.

This demonstrates how from season three onward, TNG has the potential to be presented on Blu-ray in 16x9 format (if every episode was filmed this way). Below you can click on the DVD images of this shot and compare them to a 720p HDNET broadcast of the final Enterprise episode. Make sure that when you choose the 1280x720 images you double click the images for full size.

Note that the 720p images still lack the fine detail that would be present on a 1080p Blu-ray... the 1080i MPEG2 broadcast was taken from DirecTV and downsized and re-compressed using variable-rate AVC @ 13.5mbps peak. If some of you would like to view it, I can upload the full-motion clip so you can take a look at the complete shot. It's an MPEG4 transport stream (.ts), so I don't know how many of you can view that. It plays fine in PowerDVD.
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