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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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You might have done this, but can you tell me what the difference is between the two? You remaster something by going back to the original tape and updating it.
Okay, stop right there.

No. That's not what remastering is.

Look at Lucas for example. He's gone all out of update Star Wars so many times that it's almost very different from what actually came out in 1979.
Yep. And it's crap. It also has nothing to do with remastering anything.

You and I, and probably everyone in this thread is on the same page as you. No one wants to change anything. Well, most people don't. I'm the biggest purist you'll ever meet.

Look at TOS Remastered. They went back to the original film. The original film is much, much clearer, vibrant, stunning more detailed than what you saw on TV before. What you saw on TV was the best TV could do. But the original film, the actual physical episode, was much much clearer.

What the TOS-R guys did was take the original film and make a new, high-definition transfer. They didn't change the show when they remastered it, they preserved the detail that was already there. That's what remastering is.

Yes, they added new FX for the TV broadcasts, but A)The changes weren't major, and B)Purists like you and me can still watch the remastered episodes with the original 1960s special FX on blu-ray. Nothing at all changed. We just get to see what the show really always looked like but we never knew it. The rich detail you get from TOS in high-definition was already there on the film.

Thanks to the TOS-R folks, the original TOS film has been preserved. It's like the example I used about watching a color movie on a black and white TV. Just because you see it in black and white doesn't mean that's what the movie actually looks like. There's more detail there than your black and white TV can pick up. I want TV shows remastered in HD so that we can finally see the detail that's there.

Film ages. Once it's gone, it's gone. Shouldn't we preserve it?

Now in the case of TNG, DS9, and Voyager, here's the problem: No completed episodes exist on film. The principle photography was done on film, but the episodes were edited on videotape, and special FX were completed on video. So, unfortunately, in order to preserve the film, they'll have to re-edit every episode and add new FX. There's just no way around it. With TOS, all the completed episodes existed on film, so all they had to do was do a new transfer of each episode. They didn't need to add any new FX; that was just window-dressing. With DS9 and the other spinoffs except for Enterprise, they have no choice but to redo the FX. It sucks, but it's either that or let the original film deteriorate. Which would be nuts.

The idea for remastering the episodes is to preserve the original. As long as you've been a fan of DS9 or TNG, you've never in your life seen what the original film actually looks like.
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