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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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Anyone see that South Park episode where the kids complain about remakes and remastered stuff to the point where at the end it became really ridiculous, (I think the episode was called Free Hat) and it was a jab at both George Lucas and Spielberg. That's pretty much how I feel about this whole remastering thing, even with the original. With HD, people have become spoiled like crazy hoping that things get "remastered" and "redone." You do that and how much of the show will be retained. Keep the shows like they were, in the era they were in. It's almost like people's attitudes these days is "well, technology was crap back then so I blame everyone who worked on the show for it" and it's asinine.
Tomalak, you wanna explain what "remastering" has to do with "redoing" or "remaking" anything?
You might have done this, but can you tell me what the difference is between the two? You remaster something by going back to the original tape and updating it. How is that, in a sense, not redoing it. Also, I don't think I made the connection in the original post but only stating it as an example. As for remaking, I hope it doesn't happen, but you get all "remaster" happy and what next. Look at Lucas for example. He's gone all out of update Star Wars so many times that it's almost very different from what actually came out in 1979. Same can be said about The Motion Picture as well. What happens when technology gets better than what it is now. Then they can go through the whole process of remastering again for that crowd. So much for preserving the original product.
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