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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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And that's all well and good. Most of us saying no to remastering just want to make sure that the show stays the same and doesn't get the Star Wars treatment.
Not even to fix obvious errors, like the second Defiant's registry number?
Why? How does such a thing relate to the quality of the story or characters? Goofs happen on TV shows and movies. I don't like the notion that George Lucas has put in people's heads that it's OK to tamper with art/entertainment in this way. Should we fix the slightly crooked smile on the Mona Lisa, too?

My DS9 DVDs are just fine. My only complaints have been the flimsy packaging, and the lack of a "Play All Episodes" button on each disc. Having to go through two levels of menus just to start an episode, and to have to climb back out and then back in for the next episode, was a goofy idea.

But I don't need 'improved' CGI or any gaffes fixed, thanks. They don't detract from my viewing pleasure one bit.
And that's fine - nobody is trying to take your DS9 DVDs away from you. But for those folks who would appreciate fixing of errors or goofs, like the Defiant's registry number, what's the harm? They may not detract from your viewing pleasure, but they might somebody else's.

I for one was very dissapointed by all the stock footage used in WYLB. I mean, I understand why it was done, but I'd love if we could have some some "remastered" battle scenes for the Series Finale. Since the effects have to be redone anyway, why not show us different angles and perspecitives. Maybe toss in some shots of Romulans kicking ass instead of just Dying Real Good. Or Peregrines duking it out with Hidekis along the hulls of Jem'Hadar battlecruisers and Galaxies a la B5 Starfury/Minbari Figther duels. See if we can get some Akira, Norway, or Steamrunner appearances. Nothing that changes the story or characters, of course.

Captain Fine, they couldn't put Akiras at 359, because Akiras were developed afterwards as part of Starfleets new generation of ships.
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