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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

No. I don't even think doing it with TOS was a great idea, but I can at least understand it.

TNG/DS9/VOY effects still hold up quite well for the most part.

Anyway, enough with the remake/remastering mania going on. How about some new ideas instead of all of the remakes?

And on remastering, I wonder how many more years it will be before people start "remastering" things like Michelangelo's David or the Mona Lisa? I can almost see a group of Hollywood execs huddled together..." You know that thing could use a larger penis...and the Mona Lisa isn't very hot by today's standards, let's re-do it with Angelina Jolie and scrap the old one"

I'm not putting Trek in the category of great works of art or anything, but I think people's stories and craftsmanship should be respected, not changed to meet modern ideals. That is what NEW things are for.
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