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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--"Absolution?" (AU Dukat)

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The detailing on his neck and neck ridge look spot-on, very natural, very real, very Dukat. Keep it up!
Thank you SO much for looking!!! This is one of my favorite drawings lately, and I really appreciate your comments. My AU Dukat is a character I absolutely adore to bits, so comments on this are wonderful.

It helped that I had a wonderful reference photo to work with, a screencap from "Covenant." In fact, here it is:

Now, I had to fill in all the details myself, rotate the reference, and do a LOT of zooming in to get a basic idea of the shapes, proportions, etc. But that's what I used.

Obviously I changed the expression a LOT, not to mention his clothing and hair. But that was the basic reference.
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