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Re: Borg vs kenetic weapons

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Sometimes I wonder why the crews never replicated various types of guns, blades, darts, arrows, grenades, etc. in an effort to fight the Borg. Once they'd adapted to phasers, they were useless, so why didn't anyone consider using an alternate method of attack - one that doesn't involve energy beams and that the Borg can't adapt to? Sure, it may seem low-tech, but it doesn't matter so long as it's affective.
I remember an old Hill St Blues story arc were Lt hunter was demoted to Sergeant because he used unauthorized ammo off duty. After a fight between a Sergeant and First Sergeant in my division (1st Inf in the late 80s) the General banned all of us from carrying any knife from a Boy Scout or Swiss Army knifes to after market fighting knives. Examples on what seems to be in the character of the Federation; that only authorized weapons with a non lethal setting would be authorized. It was only the Borg threat which spurred the design of a dedicated warship, Defiant, which wasn't put into production until the Dominion War began. It seems with no recent Borg advances the Federation went back to normal form.
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