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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

My turn as a man whore didn't work out so well, I only received one PM and she wanted me to do something involving her horse. I forgot to put "no animals" in my ad...

But I digress, and since you have all requested that I continue so fervently I have decided that the best thing for me to do would be to open my own website to post reviews on. That way I can charge everyone $5 to view each review, and soon I will be on the way to sweet crack-induced nirvana.

But unfortunately my web-coding isn't up to current standards, and eliciting money for the purposes of purchasing narcotics is apparently a breach of my parole, so I'm just going to continue with this thread instead. Here we go:

I can see the promo now: From the man who brought you The Visitor and In the Pale Moonlight comes...

Neelix and some cartoon characters on the holodeck.

No, seriously.

Please watch our show.

Once Upon a Time (***)

Actually, it's not that bad. The story idea is interesting and it makes good use of Neelix's previously defined history. There's some good throwbacks to the Metreon Cascade which killed all his family as it is seemingly played out before his eyes as the forest burns down around him. And the idea that Neelix is trying to protect Naomi from the truth because of how his past still haunts him is very good.

It's not a perfect episode, I think I spotted a continuity issue and they played up the suspense angle at the end when they should have gone for the emotional angle, but ultimately I found the episode surprisingly enjoyable. This episode joins Jetrel, Fair Trade and Mortal Coil as Neelix episodes which manage to score 3 stars.

Welcome to the show Michael Taylor, considering your history on DS9, the fact that you later joined BSG's writing staff and the fact that you co-wrote the pilot of Virtuality with RDM, I'm going to be keeping a close eye on you.
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