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Re: Could Star Trek V be salvaged

After Star Trek IV completed the "trilogy" that started in TWOK and brought everybody (and everything) back together, I was excited to see where they would go next with our intrepid characters. I was initially let down with TFF with its poor FX (when compared to the previous three movies) and campy humor which, compared to TVH, felt kind of juvenile at times. However, the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy was actually surprisingly quite well done all things considered. Seeing most of the crew more or less get "brainwashed" by Sybok was kind of weird but I liked that they kept Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (and Scotty?) from getting sucked into Sybok's quest (Kirk: "I need my pain") despite their ultimate inability to stop him. Sybok's sacrifice at the end was well done, particularly how he uses his "pain-healing" meld on the "God" entity in order to allow the others time enough to escape. Ya' know, I actually don't think it was really that bad now that I think about it some more. Certainly not one of the stronger of the films but it did IMHO have a good theme to it.
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