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Re: *Vote* TNG avatar contest #41 *Vote*

The poll is closed now.

This week's winners are:

Episode: es!
Theme: es!
Random Theme: es!

Congratulations for the sweep, es!.


(after 41 contests)

28 wins
Vasquez Rocks

20 wins
Rat Boy

18 wins

13 wins

12 wins
Tuln (aka YYZ)

9 wins

7 wins
Raymond James

6 wins
Nerys Ghemor

5 wins

3 wins
Gaius Baltar

2 wins

1 win
Wicca who Wonta

es!, please choose a new episode, a new theme and a new random theme.

List of past contests

Contest #1:
Episode: Encounter at Farpoint
Theme: Favorite TNG character
Random Theme: Off Trek

Contest #2:
Episode: Sarek
Theme: Fathers of TNG
Random Theme: The TrekBBS

Contest #3:
Episode: Q Who
Theme: Unexpected/Uninvited Guests
Random Theme: Uniforms in SF&F

Contest #4:
Episode: Family
Theme: Hot, Steamy and Intoxicated
Random Theme: Federation Starships of the 24th Century

Contest #5:
Episode: The Measure of a Man
Theme: Special Guest Star
Random Theme: All Dressed Up

Contest #6:
Episode: Cost of Living
Theme: Wesley Crusher
Random Theme: Fictional Celebrities

Contest #7:
Episode: Elementary, Dear Data
Theme: One-Off Villains
Random Theme: Cheesiest/Worst Looking Alien in Sci-Fi

Contest #8:
Episode: The Inner Light
Theme: Mothers of TNG
Random Theme: SF&F free for all

Contest #9:
Episode: Lessons
Theme: Geordi LaForge
Random Theme: Sexy SF/F characters

Contest #10:
Episde: Phantasms
Theme: Hobbies, Pastimes and Pets
Random Theme: Play that Instrument

Contest #11:
Episode: Ensign Ro
Theme: Temporal Anomalies
Random Theme: Studs of SF&F

Contest #12:
Episode: Genesis
Theme: Worst Dressed
Random Theme: Weapons of SF/F characters

Contest #13:
Episode: Data’s Day
Theme: Romulans
Random Theme: Death Scenes

Contest #14:
Episode: A Fistful of Datas
Theme: Beverly Crusher
Random Theme: Chase Scenes

Contest #15:
Episode: Frame of Mind
Theme: Worf
Random Theme: Movie Monsters

Contest #16:
Episode: Parallels
Theme: Q
Random Theme: Rides

Contest #17:
Episode: Future Imperfect
Theme: Picard
Random Theme: Bad CGI in a SciFi-Movie

Contest #18:
Episode: Relics
Theme: Cameos
Random Theme: Surprise Heroes

Contest #19:
Episode: The Game
Theme: In all Seriousness
Random Theme: Musicians/singers who have acted in SciFi/F

Contest #20:
Episode: The Naked Now
Theme: Shady Characters
Random Theme: Sunday Comics

Contest #21:
Episode: The Royale
Theme: Deanna Troi
Random Theme: Lock & Loaded

Contest #22:
Episode: Up the long Ladder
Theme: Bedtime
Random Theme: TV Doctors

Contest #23:
Episode: Rascals
Theme: Yum Yums
Random Theme: Spies

Contest #24:
Episode: Time Squared
Theme: Out of Uniform
Random Theme: Nice Idea, Poor Execution

Contest #25:
Episode: A Matter of Honor
Theme: William T. Riker
Random Theme: TV Doctors in Love

Contest #26:
Episode: Emergence
Theme: Klingons
Random Theme: Famous Landmarks in Science Fiction

Contest #27:
Episode: Tapestry
Theme: Alyssa Ogawa
Random Theme: Damsels in distress of science fiction (not fantasy)

Contest #28:
Episode: Timescape
Theme: Con/Helm officers
Random Theme: Parodies

Contest #29:
Episode: The Wounded
Theme: Guinan
Random Theme: Dennis Rodman

Contest #30:
Episode: Descent
Theme: Parallel Dimensions
Random Theme: Favorite X-men character/member (animated or drawn)

Contest #31:
Episode: The Chase
Theme: Accessories
Random Theme: Broadway

Contest #32:
Episode: Darmok
Theme: Lwaxana Troi
Random Theme: The Planet of the Apes movies
Special Category: 2008

Contest #33:
Episode: Pen Pals
Theme: Favorite Moment
Random Theme: Horror Movie Killers

Contest #34:
Episode: Tin Man
Theme: Starships
Random Theme : War!

Contest #35:
Episode: The Best of both Worlds, Part 1
Theme: Time Travel
Random Theme: Bad Luck

Contest #36:
Episode: Lower Decks
Theme: All Smiles
Random Theme: Witchcraft & Wizardry

Contest #37:
Episode: Q-Pid
Theme: ceremonial custom alien attire
Random Theme: Mafia

Contest #38:
Episode: Preemptive Strike
Theme: Katherine Pulaski
Random Theme: EVIL

Contest #39:
Episode: Attached
Theme: Keiko O'Brien
Random Theme: Video Games

Contest #40:
Episode: Remember me
Theme: Mr. Homn
Random Theme: Mammals

Contest #41:
Episode: The High Ground
Theme: Outdoor
RAndom Theme: Water
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