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Re: Wolverine And The X-Men - anyone watching?

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This is a pretty good show.

Wolverine is a bit of a dick on WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. Take this past week's episode with Mr. Sinister. "You'll start a war." This from the guy who stirred up shit the prior week with Sabretooth and weapon-x people, despite warnings from Prof. X not to go looking. (Is Emma Frost really on their side?)

One thing I've noticed is that Cyclops as a character in the toons and movies seems to be defined by only two things: wanting Jean and hostility towards Wolverine. That's it. He sucks. He's the outmoded straight-laced good guy in a post-Punisher/Spawn/Wolverine world. All he can do is breakdown and act against character by playing the loose cannon that he is not and fail at that.

Shit, Jean Grey's main role is object of lust/victim. She's not much better.

And ugh, I like Clancy Brown, but he'd done few animated baddy voices too many.
Keep watching, Emma's agenda will be revealed.

Cyclops has no personality, never has.
However, what they're showing is true even from the comics. Scott falls to pieces when ever Jean isn't around. What type of leader is that?
Still, I'm not sure why Storm isn't co-leader anymore.
I liked how in Earth X, when Wolverine had become a fat slob Scott was the only one who bothered trying to keep the dream alive. Even when Xaiver was dead and Jean left him for Logan (even though she was really Madylene). Evo Scott didn't seem all that Jean-dependent either (though it could've gone that way...).
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