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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

Soar_Dude wrote: View Post
I think I know what it is that is making it so plastic. there is no reflected light off the ships. I still have your other work and with apologies looks more realistic.
Soar_Dude, I am not sure I understand what you mean by "no reflected light"... can you point out some specific examples from the screencaps?

Klaus wrote: View Post
Frakking awesome... I'd only add to the gentle suggestion that the ship is a little too light, a touch too much ambience... but it still rocks.
Your observation is spot-on, Klaus, but actually it's radiosity you're seeing; the only light source is the keylight. FWIW, the intensity of the radiosity is a deliberate choice for several reasons:
  1. It echoes the look of the 60's visual F/X.
  2. The reflected light from the dust remnants of System L-374 would light up the parts of the Enterprise in shadow more than if she were in deep space.
  3. Pure artistic choice.
Especially the last one. Doug Drexler recently wrote an article on his blog about how dark the NX-01 Enterprise was shot for Star Trek: Enterprise (emphasis mine):

I wish that the brightness of the ship had been a little more like this, closer to… you guessed it, the original Enterprise. The NX appeared dark and dingy on actual show. Against space it was often hard to see. Not to my taste. An Enterprise should not be pushed into the background, it should show boldly. It’s gallant and bright, and wears a white hat. But that was all part of the Berman look. If it stood out too much it was pushed back.
Doug could have been channeling me when he wrote that. The Enterprise isn't just a flying hunk of tin; she's an important supporting character of the series. In this particular episode, I'd even argue she's one of the stars (with her sister ship Constellation being the guest star).
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