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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

By the way, before I forget... the first TNG movie, Star Trek Generations contains an original 1987 35mm VFX shot that was done by ILM in 8-perf VistaVision for the pilot "Encounter at Farpoint." It is the shot that directly preceeds the stellar cartography scene, if I remember correctly. It's a shot that was used a billion times on TNG. We can all see this shot later this year on Blu-ray, of course... but if anyone would like me to upload it, I have it in 720p from an airing of the film on HBO-HD. I also have the "Menage a Troi" 35mm shot that was pulled from the archives and transfered to HD for the final Enterprise episode "These Are the Voyages." It's also in 720p from an airing on HDNET.

Let me know.
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