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Re: TNG visual effect shots

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For those -- the motion control miniature work done at Image-G -- they have to transfer all the multiple 35mm passes for each shot because they were all filmed separately (silhouette matte pass, beauty pass, window light pass, deflector glow pass, running lights and strobes pass, nacelle glow pass, bussard glow pass) and re-composite them digitally

For TNG, there would be no generation loss on any 35mm transferred footage.
see this post as to why if TNG were given a remastered treatment for Blu-ray why all of the visual effects would probably be done as CGI.
I was referring to how they would have to present the original miniature work alongside the new VFX, not how they would redo them in CGI. On the TOS-R Blu-ray set, they have the original miniature shots seamlessly branched in with the CGI. The poster I was responding to wrote that they would probably include the original TNG 1987-1994 VFX on the Blu-ray set... I was explaining what CBS would have to go through to make that happen.
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