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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

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It sounds like Paramount just doesn’t care very much about these DVDs.
There's nothing Paramount can do about it. That's what TNG looks like. The only thing they can do is find all the original film and put all seven years of the series through post-production all over again, reediting every scene, redoing all the visual FX. They can keep the music and sound FX, though. It's still going to take time and cost a pretty penny. Paramount "caring more" isn't going to improve TNG's resolution.
A shame, really. Now that they're reasonably affordable I'm thinking of picking up the first three or four seasons sets.
Don't get too disheartened. It seems that for the most part the DVDs upscale well.

The other thing is that TNG's poor raw state and it's relative lack of effects compared to DS9 and VOY mean that it's the one that is more easily rescueable as a remaster than the later ones, even leaving aside it's popularity.

Also there's a few points of note:

1. There are very few different Ent D sweeps used in the entire series - once a CGI set of sweeps are done, that'll be a lot of the work.

2. It's not like there's a huge mound of film strips lying somewhere. I'm sure when they were stored they'd have been stored per episode and to be honest if the Okudas didn't have a fair idea where the different scenes went, then no-one would (they did ask whether the film elements were present which suggests that they were thinking of this process as the likely route they would take)

3. There's no new sign of a series for a while. It's likely that the new films will be a trilogy, and so that's Trek for the next 5 years. The decision to make TNG into a remastered series will be not just based on Blu Ray returns

4. Some people have suggested we might see 10 or so of the best done. Unlikely - if they are going to invest in a team and make the CGI Ent D scenes etc then I think they'll go the whole way. After all they aren't doing these purely for BluRay - they are doing it to keep a future audience. It's be all or nothing...

I think some form of HD TNG will be seen, and I think it's just on the wrong side of commercial upscaling. I think they will bite the bullet and go for it

(Also Best of Both Worlds, the rumoured test piece, is actually atypical for the average episode - it would be far more expensive compared to most. The Inner Light, for example, requires little CGI effects at all.)
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