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Re: "John Carter of Mars" Moving Ahead!

Darth_Daver wrote: View Post
What is John Carter of Mars about? Is it good? Should I read the book?
I highly recommend the John Carter books. They're among the best Pulp adventures ever written.

ToddPence wrote: View Post
The other story in the collection, "Skeleton Men of Jupiter", is a short, somewhat underdeveloped novelette which was the last Mars story Burroughs ever wrote.
I believe "Skeleton Men" was the first third of a trilogy, which is why it seems anticlimactic; at least, I think I heard that somewhere.

ATimson wrote: View Post
Somehow, I just don't think that the movie would make back its production costs if it were rated R.
Depends on the initial budget; and think of what they'd save in wardrobe.

Actually, I've always pictured John Carter movies in the early 30s B&W style. To be more specific, I like the idea of an alternate universe where all those Weismuller-O'Sullivan Tarzan movies were John Carter movies instead.
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