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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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So the general opinion of the generally decent "In the Flesh" is essentially 'Species 8472 ave sum spies posing cunningly as Feds, so thta ruinz dem, hur hur hur hur!'
My spelling is better than that. I have two separate spell-checkers in action, the first is a dictionary plug-in for Firefox and the second is the spell-checker in the Google toolbar. I don't deny that sometimes spelling mistakes get through, and there are times when my sentence structure leaves much to be desired, but I don't feel your characterisation of me gives a fair representation of my vernacular.

And why not have the faux Boothby as the spy camp's leader? He was the heart and soul of the real Starfleet Academy, a permanent fixture at the place for many decades, and well known by every ranking Starfleet officer.
And when was that established? Let me just check my notes... hang on now... ah, here it is. It seems that Boothby was first established as a near-mythical character who mentored every famous Starfleet officer in a Voyager episode called In the Flesh. Hang on, that's the Voyager episode I just reviewed!

I believe Boothby was first mentioned in TNG's Final Mission when Picard told Wesley to seek him out at the academy, and he was later mentioned in The Game when Wesley told Picard that he met him. He appeared on-screen in The First Duty when Picard went to meet him and he indicated that he knew all the members of Nova Squadron, but there was never any indication that he served as a mentor or advisor to anybody other than Picard.

But it appears that the writers of In the Flesh wanted Boothby to be Janeway's mentor too so they concocted the notion that he was a mentor to all the great starship captains. It's a retcon, and it's a retcon that I don't buy. They took an interesting character from a great episode and they exaggerated his role to the point of absurdity.

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EDIT: In fact the credibility of this thread has been seriously eroded by GodBen giving "Drone" a (**) rating, a mediocre rating comparable to dull drivel like "The Cloud" or "Twisted", and a worse score to so-so episodes like "Persistance of Vision" and the uneven "Caretaker".
Fair enough, I guess I'll stop then, it's not like as if this thread is making me the crack money that I hoped it would. I guess it's back to male whoring for me. If any of your would like to avail of my new profession then feel free to send me a PM.

So long guys, it's been fun.
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