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Re: Klingon Academy: Any Fans?

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I bought the game when it first came out, but haven't played it in years. I've had a mac for many years now and truly miss the game. One of my favorite features was having your marines board ships and capture them. The simulator/instant action was also very cool. I like that you could choose whatever ship you liked and do battle with any other ship as well. I think I once tried to attack a starbase with a shuttle, unsuccessfully I might add.

I have tons of old PC games that I would love to play again, but don't know if I will be able to with the tech level of these new PCs.
A virtual hard drive is one way to go. It can be a pain to set up, and if you have a computer like mine that doesn't have enough ram, it can be excruciatingly slow. It's what I had to do for Star Trek Klingon, so I know it does work.
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