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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Good to see you have given Voyager a 2nd chance and now you liked Voyager. Welcome new Voyager fan!

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So I'm a new fan... disliked the show when it was on the air, but have become a fan after watching Voyager on DVD.

I think in some ways Voyager was ahead of its time. At least, that seems to be the impression from those who become fans after giving the series another shot years later...
I think too that it helps that some time has gone by since Star Trek has been on the air. It may well be that at the time, having seen 7 seasons of TNG and 2 DS9, that I was hitting the saturation point with Trek. I know when watching Voyager through this time around I still noticed the same things that I originally disliked, but I wasn't bothered nearly as much.
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