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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

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As for the FX aspect, I'd be happy if they just adopted the pragmatic conservativeness used in the TOS remaster... a mostly faithul re-rendering of the original shots, with the occasional flourish or enhancement where it would really make an impact, or when it can be used to cover plot holes, glitches or undo special FX failure from the original shots.

And having seen the job done with the TOS blu-ray, obviously it's possible to have your cake and eat it too, since they can keep the old shots for those that just want a cleaned up live-action picture.
But how would they present the old shots for posterity ala the seamless branching on the TOS-R Blu-rays? They can't just simply up-res the video to 1920x1080 for the old VFX shots. For those -- the motion control miniature work done at Image-G -- they have to transfer all the multiple 35mm passes for each shot because they were all filmed separately (silhouette matte pass, beauty pass, window light pass, deflector glow pass, running lights and strobes pass, nacelle glow pass, bussard glow pass) and re-composite them digitally over the original background plates of stars and planets if they are available... and those are just the space shots!

The one upside to the way TNG was put together in post production was that the 35mm film was telecined to video then put away in storage... which means that all the optical transitions like fades and dissolves that were done in editing didn't affect the film elements directly (because they were done only in the video realm). In TOS the negatives were cut and spliced and sent through an optical printer for transitions and you can see the quality drop on the Blu-rays every time there is about to be an optical effect. Sometimes this quality drop lasts quite a long time because they were fond of doing scenes in long master shots back in the 60s.

For TNG, there would be no generation loss on any 35mm transferred footage.
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