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Re: Movies Seen in 2009

Netflix always makes this easy...for ease of scanning, I've boldfaced my recommendations.

In the theater: STAR TREK!!! Woo-eeeee!

Via DVD:

Zak & Miri Make a Porno - Worth watching but a tad predicable.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Okay, but I found the ending too melodramatic.

Defiance - Errrr - definitely over the top and melodramatic.

The Eagle Has Landed
- Great classic action flick but there's no way I buy Michael Caine as a German WWII soldier.

Bolt - Fun, but fairly formulaic.

Valkyrie - Better than you'd expect; Tom Cruise is more convincing than the aforementioned Michael Caine and I bet people weren't bitching their heads off about Caine with his quarter-assed attempted to disguise his Cockney accent when that movie came out, were they?

42nd Street
- Sometimes old movies are surprisingly good, but this one, not so much. Busby Berkeley routines were still great tho.

The Sand Pebbles - A neglected classic and surprisingly modern feeling.

The Thin Man - Boring, couldn't finish it (go ahead and call me a troglydyte nyah).

Frost/Nixon - THIS one should have won the Oscar!

Baby Face - Terrific movie, holds up after many decades.

A Chorus Line
- Someone should remake this someday; Attenborough really didn't get it.

The Wrestler - Good. Just what I expected.

Stagecoach - The kind of movie that shows you exacly why it has become a classic.

The Twilight Samurai - See it. It's not what you expect.

Doubt - Definitely see it. Not sure I liked the ending, tho...

Frozen River - Gripping, worth seeing. And didn't fall into the predicted patterns.

Role Models
- Okay if you're in the mood for a big dumb comedy.

Of Human Bondage
- Interesting to see Bette Davis's big debut. The film desperately needs to be restored.

Bram Stoker's Dracula
- Saw it just to see how bad Keanu Reeves really was. Yeah, bad. It was a hoot, tho.

Smokin' Aces - Just wanted to check our our new James T. Kirk. Don't bother otherwise. Wotta mess.

Miracle at St. Anna - For frak's sake, Spike, TURN DOWN THE FRAKKIN' MUSIC!

The Kingdom
- The usual action pablum.

Kiss Me Deadly - Fairly entertaining noir flick.

Milk - If Frost/Nixon didn't win, this should have.

Changeling - Hard to sit through; too disturbing.

To Catch a Thief - Sorry, Hitch, I fell asleep.

The Bank Dick - Shockingly, I've now learned that W.C. Fields really isn't funny in the least. People must have been desperate for entertainment to sit thru such boring crap. Guess it beat peeling turnips.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
- Wow, anime isn't for me. Couldn't get thru 20 minutes.

Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa
- Errr, well. The part with the penguins and the plane crash was funny, I guess.

Bottle Shock
- Nice cast, James Tiberius as a surfer dude was fun, but way to predictable for me to give a frak about.

Fame - Holds up very well after all this time.

Burn After Reading
- Just plain fun!

Kung Fu Panda - Labored. Was this really up for an Oscar?

Tropic Thunder - One of the funniest movies I have EVER seen!

Ok time to bite at some recommendations: first up-
  1. Pathology [B] I highly recommend this. Despite some bad acting, it's a really cool story.
I'll be back with my revieeeeewwww....
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