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Re: TNG DVD Transfers

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I'm watching TNG right now on DVD, and I admit S1 and 2 look rough but they always did. The rest of the seasons always looked fine to me.

From the OP's picture up-thread I'd ask what kind of TV he is using, because judging from that screen-cap (setting aside any oddities with taking a picture of a TV, uploading it and then putting it here) I'd ask what kind of TV he is using. I'd guess a CRT or early RP.

My TV is an HD RP and TNG's DVD looks fine and perfectly watchable for me.

HDTV with HDMI connection.

But even then it differs markedly. I have 3 devices that upscale a SD to HD picture - my Sony TV, my PS3, my Sony DVD player.

The PS3 is by far the best upscaler of the three (the DVD player and the TV are 2 years old whereas the PS3 gets upgraded).
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