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Re: Klingon Academy: Any Fans?

J. Allen wrote: View Post
I love the game and still have it. The problem is that it doesn't play well on widescreens, or at least, on my widescreen PC. I have had three PCs since I bought that game, one with Windows 98, one with WinXP, one with Windows Vista. I wish I could play it.

Sisko wrote: View Post

How do you play it? If I use Xp it doesn't start and on Vista I can only play the first 4 missions, after that it always crashes.
Frustratedly. I've read that a LOT of other people have the same problem. On Vista, I was never able to start it at all. This computer I have now has XP Service Pack 3 and nVidia, and it crashes infrequently, but long enough to play it. I'm not sure about the specifics of getting it going, though.

(I'd be happier if the short in my motherboard would let me have my sound card working all the time.)

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
I tried it. Although a definite step-up from Starfleet Academy on many levels by an order of magnitude, I found the controls to be a bit too complex. I couldn't even get past the first mission - fighting an Oberth in a BoP along the neutral zone (I am truly embarrassed to admit this, but there it is). Although I found the Chang/Gorkon cutscenes an excellent lead-in to the events in ST6. Mixed feelings about it, but a good attempt nonetheless, IMHO.
The controls are rather complicated - but once you get used to it, it becomes easier, I think. Still, I miss the simplicity of the controls of other games, but it's nice to be able to micromanage. Personally, I also hate not being able to see the ship you're in, but then, I don't really like first-person shooters much either.

GodBen wrote: View Post
I never played it but I have found a channel on YouTube that has uploaded all the story FMVs over the last few days, here's the link. I can't believe they brought back Christopher Plumber and David Warner for a video game!
Sisko wrote: View Post
That Youtube channel is strangely familiar
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