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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals - (SPOILERS)

bluedana wrote: View Post
I have to say I havenít read any of the previous Trek Lit (sorry, KRAD, et al.)
No need to apologize. One of the hopes for Destiny was that it might serve as a gateway drug for some.

I got a real charge out of Nan Bacco, so Articles of the Federation is next on my to buy list.
Cool! Do let me (well, all of us) know what you think of it!

David Mack wrote: View Post
Now that the trilogy is out there, and has been widely read, I can probably say now without spoiling anything: Even though it has ships and crews from the 24th century, Star Trek Destiny is actually Erika Hernandez's story. It would have been impossible to market it that way, but if I'm to be honest, that's what it is.
Was that supposed to be a secret?
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