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Re: Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine - Special Edition Screencaps

Thanks everyone

Kaziarl wrote: View Post
Beautiful. And I certainly don't want to sound like i'm trying to knock down your work, but you might want to work on your texturing a bit. Most of the shots looked good, but a couple looked plastic.
It's actually more of a lighting problem, and I'll bet I know which shots you're talking about--the two where the Enterprise first flies into System L-374 and later when she approaches the derelict Constellation. The nearly head-on angle between the camera and the L-374 light source just doesn't look quite right on the engineering hull, especially in the latter shot.

Those actually were two of the first "redos" and they're the ones I'm least satisfied with, but they're OK enough, and besides, I told myself, "self, you're not going to endlessly re-tweak everything or you'll never finish!" So what I'm basically doing here is trying to get it as good as I can, but move on after a certain point. If I have time left at the end of my project before my deadline (which is a nebulous target of "beat the 2009 Star Trek Blu-Ray release"), then I'll come back and fiddle with some of this stuff. Thanks for the feedback!

USS Mariner wrote: View Post
Just watched it. Looks great. I imagine you aren't going to use the new BD footage because that would require all-new traveling mattes for the rotoscoped sequences, correct?
Well that, and the season two Blu-Ray box set won't even be out until September... I'm a rolling stone and cannot gather teh moss. Glad you figured out your color problem
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