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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

In the Flesh (0)

You have to wonder sometimes if the Voyager writers set out to ruin their enemies. I imagine the break meeting for this episode went like this:

Braga: Now that I'm in charge I plan to ruin the Borg, but I think we should do another test-run by ruining 8472 because our previous attempt to ruin the Hirogen with that nazi episode didn't work, too many people enjoyed it.
Menosky: You're so wise, Brannon. I wish we could take a bath together.
Braga: Maybe later. Ken, do you have any ideas?
Biller: Um... we could send Chakotay on a date with a sexy 8472.
Braga (drinking Guinness): Brilliant!
Fuller: Guys, I think this is a really bad idea.
Menosky: How dare you question the magnificent Braga!!
Fuller: But...
Menoksy: Quiet, you! *slaps Fuller*
Braga: Thanks Joe, you're my BFF.
Menosky: He likes me!
Braga: Mike, do you have any ideas?
M Taylor: Well, if you insist upon using 8472 maybe we could have them preparing to invade the Federation?
Braga: Interesting, but can you make it more stupid?
M Taylor: Why?
Braga: Don't question me!
Biller: Here's an idea; how about we have 8472 replicate Starfleet Command in the middle of the Delta Quadrant for no reason?
Braga (drinking Guinness): Brilliant!
M Taylor: That's retarded! You might as well make Boothby their leader.
Braga (drinking Guinness): Brilliant!
M Taylor: I wasn't being serious.
Braga: Too late, we're using it.
Menosky: This is why Rick made you the head of the writing staff Brannon, you're so clever. Can I braid your hair?
Braga: Hang on Joe, we have to choose who will write this episode first. How about... Nick, I'll get you to write it because you haven't said anything yet.
Sagan: Aww shit.
Braga: It had better be. I want all you guys writing complete crap so that I look better in comparison, and one day all the Trek fans shall adore me and make me into their new king! It should be sweet.
Fuller (mumbling): Asshole.
Braga: Now if you gentlemen will please excuse me, I'm off to screw Jeri Ryan for a bit. Come along Joe, you can watch.
Menosky: Yay!!

And that's my review for In the Flesh. Don't watch it. Don't ever watch it.
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