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Re: Abrams and Cruise Reuniting for Mission: Impossible 4

I thought the third was the best of the lot, but I'd have second thoughts about watching any Tom Cruise movie after seeing that Scientology video interview he did.

I'd also like to see a movie that was more in line with the TV series, a team of agents, all with specialist skills, working together to execute a meticulously prepared plan, as opposed to what we get in the movies (one agent with some back up solves problems by shooting people and hanging off a wire).

Oh yes. That guy in the first film, played by Jon Voight? Not Jim Phelps. When the CIA absorbed the IMF Phelps retired. The CIA, realising the value of his reputation, passed off one of their own people as Phelps. Over the course of years he got lost in the false identity, and ended up going loopy, before dying when his helicopter crashed in the Channel Tunnel.


At least, that's my version of events, and I'm sticking to it.
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