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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals - (SPOILERS)

Hi, there. I just finished the Destiny trilogy last night.

I totally need a cigarette.

I know that this is technically a Mere Mortals thread, but it makes no sense to me to separate the books – they are seamless and wonderful. I plunged headlong from one to the other (yay for Kindle, download the next book in under a minute!).

I have to say I haven’t read any of the previous Trek Lit (sorry, KRAD, et al.) since I stopped reading TOS books in the late 80s. I’m familiar enough with TNG (stopped watching the series when I decided the crew was freaking irritating, didn’t “get” the movies), not so much DS9 (I like it but haven’t made it past the end of Season 2 yet) or Voyager (can’t seem to catch it from the beginning on Spike). I’ll admit my real Trek obsession is ENT (stop laughing) and I only picked up Gods of Night because I was desperate for an ENT novel that wasn’t part of the TGTMD relaunch. Erika Hernandez’ story was the closest I could get, so I figured it would be worth the cost of the download.

I devoured it, and Mere Mortals and Lost Souls as well. It’s been a while since I’ve read any novel or series that was THAT GOOD. Like seriously torn between wanting to race to the end and never wanting to reach the last page GOOD.

(Thank you, Mr. Mack, for including those lovely passages where Erika attempts to contact her "lost love" Jon Archer as she reaches his time, and fails. I actually teared up. I know, I’m ridiculous.)

Even though I came in pretty ignorant of most of the characters (both screen and novel), I had no problem following the plot or caring about the different crews. Even Picard and Troi (both of whom I’d gladly airlock on a normal day) melted my cold heart. Yes, I most likely missed a lot of inside references, but the characters were so well presented that I didn’t notice. And I thought the whole “destruction of worlds” idea was handled beautifully. Most of the characters I’d never met before, yet I still grieved with them. I wasn’t burnt out on the Borg, and I saw the end coming by mid-Lost Souls, but that was because it was such an elegant solution and made so much sense.

As soon as I finished Lost Souls, I downloaded Glass Empires (as I said: desperate for ENT-related stuff) in large part because David Mack is one of the authors. I got a real charge out of Nan Bacco, so Articles of the Federation is next on my to buy list.

I probably will read the entire trilogy again, from beginning to end, before the end of the summer.

Yeah. That good.
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